UnProcessed: exhibition by Celeste John-Wood

3 February – 18th March 2023
Out of the Blue Drill Hall

Open Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm

Out of the Blueprint presents UnProcessed, a new body of work created by Celeste John-Wood during her time as artist in residence. Using her interest in urban ecologies as a starting point for image making, Celeste gathered inspiration from commons and shared spaces, visualising links, knots, fences and connections.

At each stage the work branched off in unexpected directions, following tangents that allowed the work to be led by mistakes and accidents in collaboration with the riso process. Tying together these different offshoots, the artist changed and altered imagery along the way by combining elements from one composition with parts of another to mimic a cyclical ecosystem.

Celeste has also repurposed byproducts of the riso process, physically weaving used master material back into the printed pages to create the tactile one-off artifacts you can see in the exhibition.

Join us to celebrate the launch of Celeste’s exhibition UnProcessed Opening Party 6pm, Friday 3rd February.

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