Introducing: GOCCOMATIC

Inductions and studio access for DIY Garment printing at Abbeymount Studios.

Sustainable & ethical GOCCO printing

All of our T-shirts and Tote bags are GOCCO-printed by hand at Abbeymount Studios using water-based inks and 100% organic cotton.

Quick facts

Minimum order of 25

Ink colours mixed to order

Maximum image size: 240 x 310 mm

What is GOCCO?

GOCCO is a Japanese screen-making machine created by the RISO company. It works in a similar way to the risograph, producing a ‘master’ stencil from a PDF of your artwork. Instead of wrapping the master around an ink drum, we attach the stencil to a metal frame to make a flat screen. Once this screen has been made, we can then use it to hand-print on fabric, cardboard and other surfaces.

Each colour is printed by hand one at a time.

We mix the printing inks by hand, so we can mix up colours just for you. 

GOCCO reads your artwork in greyscale so you can print different shades of the same colour, not just flat ink. That means you could even print monochrome photographs!

Just like the riso, it’s impossible to ensure layers line up perfectly, so you’ll get the same characteristic ‘misregistration’ effect when using two or more inks.

Most of the time and effort is in the setup, so we have a minimum order of 25 for runs of T-shirts and Tote bags. If you think you’ll need another batch in future, it’s best to order all at once so we can use the same screen.

The environmental benefits of GOCCO over traditional screen printing include:

  • significantly reduced energy consumption, 
  • significantly reduced water usage, and 
  • no need for harmful chemicals

We use only 100% organic cotton that is free from allergenic, carcinogenic and toxic chemical residues – better for you, better for us, and better for the cotton farmers.

The people manufacturing the garments are treated well and paid fairly. This is guaranteed through The Fair Ware Foundation, an independent non-profit organisation that has been set up specifically to improve working conditions in the garment industry. 

Sustainable & ethical hand-printed T-shirts

GOCCO screen printed using water based inks on 100% organic cotton

Minimum order: 25        
Maximum order: 250
Turnaround: approx 2-3 weeks

Sizes available: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
18 colours available: see below
Printable area: 24 x 31cm

White / Vintage25 – 4950+
1 colour print£10£9
2 colour print£12£11
3 colour print£14£13
Prices per t-shirt
Colours25 – 4950+
1 colour print£11£10
2 colour print£13£12
3 colour print£15£14
Prices per t-shirt

Sustainable & ethical hand-printed Tote bags

GOCCO screen printed using water based inks on 100% organic cotton

Minimum order: 25        
Maximum order: 250
Turnaround: approx 2-3 weeks

Size: 36 x 40cm    Weight: 160gsm
15 colours available: see below

Natural totes25-99100+
1 colour£5.50£4.50
2 colour£6.50£5.50
3 colour£7.50£6.50
Prices per tote bag
Colour totes 25-99100+
1 colour£6£5
2 colour£7£6
3 colour£8£7
Prices per tote bag

Cardboard boxes, paper bags and other GOCCO jobs are available on request. Please contact us at for a more accurate quote.

Contact details

Out of the Blueprint
The Drill Hall
32-36 Dalmeny Street
Edinburgh EH6 8RG

Tue – Fri, 10am – 5pm
pickup by appointment
0131 555 4604

Out of the Blueprint was set up in 2015 as part of the #artcore youth arts project, supported by Creative Scotland’s
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We are currently supported by Baillie Gifford, the William Grant foundation, Creative Scotland and The Robertson Trust.