Out of the Blueprint is excited to announce our new project – Goccomatic – DIY garment printing at Abbeymount Studios.

Goccomatic allows artists to print their own T-shirts, tote bags and other garments using the sustainable Gocco print process. We run inductions sessions every Saturday with studio access on Fridays.

What is Gocco?
Gocco was developed by the Riso corporation as an easier, quicker and more sustainable form of screen printing.. The machine only requires a small amount of electricity to convert a digital image into a mesh screen, which is then clipped into a frame ready to print. 

The environmental benefits of GOCCO over traditional screen printing include:

  • significantly reduced energy consumption, 
  • significantly reduced water usage, and 
  • no need for harmful chemicals

For the past few years we’ve been offering sustainable & ethical garment printing for our local community, hand printing organic T-shirts and tote bags for bookshops, charities and arts organisations.

Along the way we noticed that even though our Gocco printing services are open to anyone, the minimum order was pricing out smaller folks who were just starting out. We heard from musicians, artists and designers who wanted to try printing their own T-shirts and tote bags, but were hesitant about committing to a full run of 25.

With this in mind, we wanted to make it easier and more affordable for individual artists, smaller groups and collectives to make use of the Gocco machine on a smaller scale. So we’re trialling a pay-as-you-go open access studio for anyone who wants to print their own sustainable T-shirts, tote bags and more.


Goccomatic Inductions
Sign up for a full induction into the process and print studio. You must complete an induction before you can book studio access.
You will learn how to:

  • Set up artwork for gocco 
  • Prepare a gocco screen for printing
  • Print onto fabric
  • Seal a design with a heat press

studio access
£25 for ages 25+
£12.50 for under 25s

Goccomatic studio access
Book a 3-hour session at Abbeymount studios to Gocco print your own garments. You’ll have your own print station, water-based screenprinting ink, the use of a metal clip frame, a squeegee, and the time and space to print your own design. You’ll also have access to the heat press to seal your designs to make them fully washable.

GOCCO screens

  • Gocco Screens
    These can be purchased for £25 per screen. Screens can be washed and reused at a later date.
    To order a screen, please email your artwork (300-600dpi greyscale PDF, 310 x 240mm) to

£5 T-shirts
£3 tote bags

  • Blank garments
    Organic T-shirts can be purchased for £5, tote bags for £3, and other items are available on request.
  • Alternatively bring your own
  • Additional 25p ink charge for each finished garment

Ready to get started?

Goccomatic is supported by City of Edinburgh Council via Creative Community Hub funding.