What is Gocco?

Created by the RISO company, Gocco is a digital screen printing machine. It looks like a big red printer, and it works in a similar way to the risograph, producing a ‘master’ stencil from a PDF of your artwork. 

The main difference is that instead of wrapping the master around an ink drum, we then attach the stencil to a metal frame to make a screen. Once the screen is made, we can then use it to print on fabric, card, wood, or pretty much any surface you like.


With Gocco you're not restricted to specific ink colours. We can use a much wider range of printing inks, or even mix up unique colours just for you. 

Each colour is printed by hand one at a time – so it's best for monochrome images, or designs that use up to three colours. Just like the riso, it's impossible to ensure layers line up perfectly, so you'll get the same characteristic 'misregistration' effect when using two or more inks.

What can you use it for?

So far we've found Gocco screens are perfect for printing runs of T-shirts, Tote bags, art prints and record sleeves – a great option for an affordable handmade feel.

Gocco is best for duplication, not one-off designs, so we have a minimum order of 10 for runs of T-shirts, totes etc. If you've got an idea for a Gocco project, get in touch for more information.

Yellow ink drunk extending from Risograph printer