T shirt printing with new Gocco

Posted in Latest on May 10, 2018

Ever wanted to print your own t-shirts? Until recently, we’ve only been able to print on paper, but we’re excited to announce the newest addition to our print studio - the RISO GoccoPro!

Gocco works in a similar way to the risograph, producing a ‘master’ stencil from a greyscale PDF of your artwork. The difference is that instead of wrapping the master around an ink drum, we attach the stencil to a metal frame to make a screen, which you can then use to print on fabric, wood, or pretty much any surface you like.

We’ve been testing it out on a run of t-shirts for Leith Athletic 2007s, who will be taking these with them on their Ayr tour. Armed with our new tshirt-printing setup, handmade by Johnny using an old ikea cutting board and a lot of MDF, once we got into the swing of things we ran off 25 t-shirts in no time. Once the front layer was dry we cracked on with layer two - the Leith motto ‘Persevere’ emblazoned on the back.