'Cross Your Eyes and Dot Your T’s' exhibition launch

Posted in Latest on Jun 02, 2018

We’re delighted to announce that, after two months in the Blueprint studio, artist-in-residence Lucy Grainge is due to unveil her brand new exhibition this weekend. “Cross Your Eyes and Dot Your T’s” is an exploration and celebration of a different way of brain processing; dyslexia.

During her time in the studio, Lucy has been developing new work based on both her own experience of dyslexia and further first hand research with others. She has been experimenting with the risograph and pushing the boundaries of the print process, building a collection of artwork that combines text and image to create a distinctive visual language. Lucy has really made the most of her time in the Blueprint studio, saturating her imagery with loads of bright colours and great use of overprinting.

The exhibition is fantastically bold and lively, brimming with the possibilities that come with thinking differently. Lucy’s exhibition runs from June 2nd until August 3rd. Don’t miss it!