Lucy Grainge

Posted in Exhibitions on Jun 04, 2018

'Cross Your Eyes and Dot Your T’s' by Lucy Grainge

Monday 4th June - Saturday 21st July 2018

Cross Your Eyes and Dot Your T’s was an exhibition of new print work by artist Lucy Grainge, created during her two month residency in Out of the Blue’s riso studio, Out of the Blueprint, in Spring 2018.

Over the two month period, Lucy worked in the Out of the Blueprint studio, adapting her artistic processes developed at art school, working with the shape of words and language, and the lived experience of dyslexia.

By building up and overlapping acetate, Lucy creates strong graphic images, which visually represent dyslexia as a different way of brain processing with a plethora of both challenges and strengths.

During her time in the studio, Lucy developed new work based on both her own experience of dyslexia and further first hand research with others. The suite (sweet) of prints, which combined text and image, extended both her own processes but also adapted them to push the riso printing to all its logical and illogical conclusions.

The exhibition was a fantastically bold and lively presentation, which brimmed with the possibilities that comes with thinking differently.

Lucy Grainge is an artist/ designer based in Glasgow. She graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2017, with a BA in Communication Design.

Lucy’s residency was part of a year long programme of print activity for young people under 25 years old. Over the year of 2018, Out of the Blueprint is hosting residencies for young artists, co-ordinating exhibitions, and developing and delivering a programme of workshops, educational projects and monthly print events for young people aged 10 – 25. This year long programme of activity is gratefully supported by The National Lottery via Creative Scotland.

The studio’s work providing traineeships and educational work is also gratefully supported by The Robertson Trust and Young Start.