Terminal Velocity

Taking inspiration from airline safety cards, Terminal Velocity features a series of self-reflective comics, from long-haul relationships and emotional baggage to disaster scenarios and emergency landings. Humorous and heartfelt, this tongue in cheek project pokes fun at the ridiculousness of air travel.

“I’ve always found airplane safety cards strange. They are simultaneously fiction and non-fiction, depicting an idealised way a horrible incident would unfurl, all in a distinctly clinical manner. There’s something appealing yet unnerving about them.”

Working in the Blueprint studio as artist-in-residence for the past two months, HAM developed a series of semi-autobiographical comics based on his experiences of air travel and the purgatory of duty-free. Working with a limited palette of red, yellow and blue inks, HAM has created a beautiful body of work pushing the limits of riso printing.

You can get your copy of Terminal Velocity in our web shop.

HAM is Ryan Hamill, a printmaker and artist living and working in Edinburgh. He graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2017, with a BA in Illustration. See more of HAM’s work here.